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VitaNourish uses an advanced technology that effectively reduces nutrients virtually to a degree of Nano-sized measurements. Once that process is completed then an independent qualified FDA Laboratory analyzes batches of the nutrients. After examination the FDA Laboratory issues a Certificate of Analysis for each ingredient along with its related percentage of daily allowance.

Technology Benefits

Today in the Information Age the tools we will fashion will be on the atomic scale with nanotechnology. We can also assume that the future should be bright for nanotechnology with the U.S. government alone proposed $1.702 billion in nanotech research grants and projects for 2014, up from only $464 million in the year 2001.
What makes the emergence of nanotechnology such a disruptive innovation and leading-edge concept? Nanotechnology is particularly disruptive because of two things: Nanotechnology is an enabling technology which means that nanotechnology’s strength includes being incorporated, or combined with other technologies to lead to great changes. This is reflected in both the breadth and depth of sectors where the science of nanotechnology can and will be applied as an innovative leading-edge concept to products including food and beverages.

Cutting-edge Innovation

VitaNourish is an innovative leading-edge technology company. As an example, VitaNourish water has microscopic vitamins that cannot be detected by the human eye. That makes it possible for our multivitamin water to remain clear with a great refreshing taste. Our nutritional products are formulated and manufactured with a stable water structure (molecule) around each nutritional particle keeping the nutrients bonded and stabilized as it enters the body. 

VitaNourish is positioned to become one of the leading nutritional solutions company. We have the ability to place potent natural micro-sized FDA Approved nutritional ingredients in a variety of food and beverage products. As an example, we can place nutrients that have no adverse flavors or taste into dairy, can foods, pastries, snacks, sodas, teas, among other products. We have the ability to establish and meet the demands of Manufacturers or Distributors that desire to engage in a Private Label business relationship. 


VitaNourish is unpretentiously an ingenious invention of a Health & Hydration product that every person on the planet can enjoy. Our multivitamin water contains vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and Vitamin C with the Recommended Daily Allowance. VitaNourish effectively informs our consumers with the benefits of our clear multivitamin water products. The RDA% provides information for nutritional restoration. VitaNourish is more than a crisp, refreshing, no flavor multivitamin water.

We are a cutting edge innovative manufacturer that creates, develops and produce efficacious micro-sized nutritional ingredients for a variety of products.

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VitaNourish Water Bottle

 VitaNourish:  Advanced Multivitamin Water which provides consumers with health benefits. Our VitaNourish Water Beverage is produced in a 500ml, 1,000ml, and a 1-Liter Premium bottle.

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Modern lifestyles can upset the body’s healthy pH balance. That can lead to many of us having a body that is too acidic which can cause health issues. VitaNourish Multivitamin Water has an Alkaline pH 9.0 with additional highly absorbable nutrients that can help the body restore alkaline.


Our bodies were designed to function effectively in an alkaline state. Not too acidic and also not too alkaline, ideally for most people a pH (potential hydrogen) of 7.365. An acidic body may be a by-product of today’s increasing acidic diet of sugar, coffee, alcohol, red meat, dairy products and may also be impacted by pollution and stress. Many health issues are associated with an acidic body - low energy, weight gain, craving carbs and sugar may all mean you're acidic.


The liver is the powerhouse for removing toxins out of the body. If you don’t remove toxins out of the body you may become more acidic and from there, diseases can grow (disease grows in an acidic environment). 

The knock on effect if the liver isn’t processing well it affects your gall balder and your body fat. Therefore, minerals are also essential for every single cell to function correctly. Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium are minerals that are essential to a more healthy life. Without the proper minerals your heart may not be healthy, your bones may not be healthy and your eyes may not be healthy.  VitaNourish Multivitamin Water contains essential vitamins and minerals. Our water can help the body quickly absorb and restore both hydration and nutrients to the cellular level. 


VitaNourish is a better water for a better way of life.    

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